About Us


The team at Custom Care Pharmacy is led by owner Adam Rosinski, who holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. He has extensive experience in Geriatrics, General Medicine, and Cardiac Intensive Care.

Adam lives in Milton with his wife, so he’s not just a pharmacist, he’s a neighbor.

Experience Matters

After receiving his Doctor of Pharmacy degree, Adam did rotations in Geriatrics at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, General Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and Intensive Cardiac Care at Presberyterian Hospital in Philadelphia. He learned firsthand about the need for being detail-oriented when taking care of patients. He takes the relationship between pharmacist and patient very seriously – every single day, with every prescription.

Building Relationships

After receiving his formal education, Adam worked for chain drug stores in Central PA for many years, but noticed that he didn’t have enough time to build ongoing relationships with his customers. And that’s why he decided to open Custom Care Pharmacy in downtown Milton – to put the needs of his patients first.

Each Patient Has Different Needs

Adam is an expert at knowing the details of medications and how they interact with one another, so he can keep a watchful eye on his patients. He is also familiar with both alternative therapies and natural remedies, as not every patient wants to treat their symptoms and ailments in the same way.

Free Delivery and Curbside Service

For customers who may have a hard time driving to the pharmacy, we offer free delivery; and curbside service for customers who have limited time to run their errands.

We may be a small pharmacy, but we’re mighty. We accept most insurance plans and coverage, and our prices are always competitively priced.

Once you walk in our doors and entrust your medications to us, we won’t let you down. And we’ll be here for you when you need us.