What is Compounding?


Compounding is a unique relationship between the physician, the pharmacist, and the patient.

The physician prescribes a medication, and then the pharmacist takes the necessary ingredients, compounds them, and dispenses the medicine for the patient.

At its heart, compounding is solely about the patient’s needs and preferences.

Compounding is a unique and innovative way to personalize a medicine for a specific person. Along with formulating the correct dosage, Custom Care Pharmacy can add flavorings to medicines, so patients don’t dread taking their medications. This is ideal for the elderly and children. It’s also great for pets!

Compounding can:

  • Modify the dosage and strength of a prescription
  • Offer a more natural alternative, by eliminating preservatives and dyes
  • Add flavorings (and not just grape or cherry!)
  • Change the way a medicine is delivered (capsule/pill, liquid drop, lozenge or lollipop, syrup, etc.)

Origins of Compounding

In the 1930s and 1940s, approximately 60 percent of all medications were compounded. During the 1950s and 60s, with the advent of manufacturing, compounding declined. The pharmacist’s role as a preparer of medications quickly changed to that of a dispenser of manufactured dosage forms. Since the 1980s, physicians and patients have realized the many benefits of preparing customized medications to meet specific patient needs. Today, an estimated 43,000 prescriptions are compounded daily, or one percent of total prescriptions dispensed.

Reasons for Compounding

One of the most important reasons why compounding has grown in popularity is that physicians and family members of patients often worry about patients not taking their medicines. After all, a prescription can’t work if the patient refuses to take it.

Many patients are also very sensitive to drugs – some are allergic to preservatives, dyes, or traditional drug strengths. A pharmacist can now alter a drug’s form to make it easier for the patient to ingest, add flavor to it to make it more pleasant, or change the form (say into a lollipop) so the medicine is easier for a child to ingest.

We also offer customized doses of hormone replacement therapy, so each person’s needs and tolerances are taken into account.

Don’t Forget About Fido!

At Custom Care Pharmacy, we know your pets are an essential part of your family. And when they’re sick, it causes a lot of concern.

We’re able to compound pet medications too, so it’s easier for the pet’s owner to give them the medicine they need. Like with human compounding, pet medicines can be altered with special flavorings, too – so your pet won’t even realize they’re taking medicine. That’s a relief for them, and you!