Custom Care Pharmacy is Open For Business!

Hi there and welcome to our new website! I’m Adam Rosinski, the owner of Custom Care Pharmacy.

It is with great excitement that I’m opening my own pharmacy in downtown Milton.

You see, this has been years in the making.

I’ve been a Pharmacist for many years, but working for chain drugstores didn’t give me the personal satisfaction that I knew owning my own pharmacy could give me. More than anything, I wanted to get to know my customers and offer them the kind of personal attention that they deserved, but at the large drugstores, it just wasn’t always possible.

So after many months of planning and renovations, we’re thrilled to be open for business, and would be honored to serve you and your family.

I look forward to meeting many new faces over the next few months.

Please take a few minutes to stop by the new store, check out what we have to offer, and introduce yourself.

I’ll be the tall guy in the white jacket behind the counter.


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